5.7 X 285.7×28 Ammo 40-GRAIN V-MAX CARTRIDGES 500 ROUNDS


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5.7X28 Ammo: A Short Description

5.7X28 ammo is relatively small but the fastest centerfire cartridge. Since its development, it has been the caliber of choice for military and law enforcement in more than forty countries worldwide. It is a slight bottleneck cartridge known for its high muzzle velocity. 5.7X28 ammo is also adequate for self-defense. If you’re looking for 5.7X28 ammo for any purpose, find the best piece at

It is the best bullet and has been tailored to excel in several specialized roles. It is best suited for sports and training sessions from the military to law enforcement. 5.7X28 ammo is available at  at the best We are a leading supplier in the industry, offering high-end quality and safe online delivery to customers. When it comes to delivering ammo online, Armory Anchor has a vast collection of guns, bullets, and other accessories. No matter the size of your order or the time duration of the delivery, we manage to deliver your order within 2-3 business days.

5.7X28 Ammo for Sale Online is open to sale 5.7X28 every day. You can buy 5.7X28 ammo for online sale or your personal use at the most affordable prices. We are the world’s largest yet reliable seller of 5.7X28 bullets. The ammo is originated in Belgium but is now used worldwide for several reasons. Whether you need it for defense, shooting, or personal use, it is a great choice that comes with some incredible specifications.

The 5.7X28 ammo cartridge features a rimless bottleneck case with an overall length of 1.594 inches. It can be used in handguns and personal defense weapons designed by FN Herstal.

At , best quality product while offering a smooth shooting experience. The products delivered at our store are well-tested by the experts; therefore, we can guarantee that our products are 100% safe and meet the industry guidelines. Order the best 5.7X28 ammo online at now



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